Our Mission

We advocate the principles of DIRECT HELP and CATALYTIC FUNDING to maximise our impact for the

In HEALTH we provide seriously ill children in Russia with access to the latest developments in international medical science, when these are not available in their home country.

In SPORTS we provide catalytic funding for a WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT PROJECT THROUGH TAEKWONDO in Kampala, capital of Uganda and a REFUGEE INCLUSION PROJECT THROUGH TAEKWONDO in Rwamwanja refugee settlement in the South-West of Uganda.

We link local sports NGOs in Africa, like “Tennis4All Uganda”, to partners like “Sport4Life” in Switzerland, to receive donations of sports equipment and other direct assistance.

In EDUCATION we aim to provide free broadband internet access to the youth community centres for unprivileged communities at HOPE4KATANGA KIDS ORPHANAGE at Katanga slum and National Taekwondo Dojo in Kampala, Uganda.

In HERITAGE we support the preservation of high international cultural achievements of our civilization.